About Us

lawrence-silverberg-dpm-best-marketing-nycBest Marketing NYC started as a project I had to optimize my website for my podiatry practice.

I had hired a company to do my optimization. They promised results and never delivered. I did NOT get one new client from their efforts! I cut my losses after six months of paying them and decided to try it on my own.
I knew how to build websites,  and I read everything that I could on search engine optimization. I read books, blogs, forums and dozens of websites. I watched online videos and then I experimented. Within three months new clients started calling.

My efforts worked so well, I realized that I had a business here, and not just to optimize my own practice. I then optimized websites for two friends with the agreement that if it worked for them too, they would become paying clients. Well, it worked so well for them also that they both signed up immediately, and are to this day, still paying clients, many years later. Best Marketing has grown to a full time business with multiple employees and with new clients every month.

We hope you will become our next success story and join the Best Marketing family of clients!

SEO performance for my Podiatry practice

City Footcare

My practice, City Footcare, gets 5-30 new patients each week by being listed at the top of local business searches for many podiatry keywords: “Best Podiatrist NYC“, “Bunion Surgery NYC”, “Hammertoe Surgery NYC”, to name a few.

Google Maps

City Footcare is among the top results for most Podiatry related Google, Bing & Yahoo searches in NYC:


Google analytics

We use Google analytics to closely track the progress of all campaigns.  Google Analytics collect data for all important website traffic metrics.  We provide quarterly reports for all Best Marketing clients.


Straight From My Patients

I ask all of my patients how they were referred when they come in to my office. Here’s a small sample of my patient intake forms for a few patients that found me through our service.