Offer Details

We have created an offer with great value and low risk to any sized company interested in marketing their business online. We guarantee that your business will be listed at the top of local search engine results pages. 

We are a small closely held company who highly values our clients.  You will be given personal attention by us from the start of and throughout your marketing campaign.  We do not contract out work to other companies or countries.  Your business and success with our marketing services is extremely important to us.


  • The first month of service is free.
  • Commitment to pay only for the second month.
  • No further commitments or contracts.
  • Billed month to month, quit at any time.


  • Service is billed monthly at the beginning of the month for the following month.
  • Monthly cost is flexible and determined by the type of business.
  • Cost is decided by products or services offered.
  • Monthly cost is based on one new client per week to one new client per month or less, based on type of business.
  • Easy payment is made monthly by recurring credit card payment.


  • We closely track impressions (views) and actions (clicks).
  • Most campaigns see immediate results.
  • We adjust keywords and phrases based on real-time results.
  • We know what is working and what is not and adjust accordingly.
  • You will receive quarterly analytics reports tracking the progress of your campaign.