Real Examples of SEO performance

Below are real examples of how our Search Engine Optimization works. Search Engine Results are constantly changing. We have included screenshots of results below and invite you to try these searches for yourself.

All screenshots are from the Google main search page or Google Maps Page where indicated.

Note: The Results indicated are free organic search and not pay per click unless indicated with the work “Ad”.

Below are just a sampling of some of our existing clients and of the thousands of key words and key phrases that we optimize them for…

Quick jump by service type:

ENT Doctor | Urologist | Dentist | OptometristTinnitus Treatment | Laser Nail Fungus | Apartment Painting | Urologist | Physical Therapist | Allergist | Podiatrist | Commercial printer | DNA Testing


Search Terms

Screenshot of results

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Michael Burnett MD PLLC Best ENT NYC best-ent-doctor-google-marketing-seo-nyc
Fifth Avenue Urology Best Urologist NYC doctor-medical-marketing-google-nyc
Sachar Dental Best Implant Dentistry NYC best-dentist-midtown-nyc-best-google-marketing
Eye Concepts Optometry Best optometrist santa monica best-seo-marketing-for-optometrists
Tinnitus Cognitive Center Tinnitus Treatment NYC, Google Maps page

& Tinnitus Treatment NYC Google blended results

Laser nail fungus treatment Laser for toenail fungus NYC best-marketing-nyc-real-seo-examples
Apartment painting by Felix Apartment painter NYC best-seo-marketing-for-painters
Apartment painting by Felix Apartment painter NYC, Google maps page best-seo-marketing-for-painters-nyc
Joseph Alukal MD, Urologist Vasectomy Reversal NYC best-seo-marketing-for-vasectomy-doctor-nyc
Karena Wu,
ActiveCare Physical Therapy
Best physical Therapist NYC best-seo-marketing-physical-therapists-wu
Allergy, Asthma and Sinusitis P.C best allergist nyc best-seo-marketing-for-allergists
Lawrence Silverberg, City Footcare Best Podiatrist NYC best-seo-marketing-for-podiatrists-nyc
Automation Graphics Commercial printer NYC best-seo-marketing-commercial-printers-nyc
AABB DNA testing DNA testing queens NY best-seo-marketing-DNA-testing-services
AABB DNA testing Paternity testing queens NY, Google Maps Page best-seo-marketing-DNA-testing-services-maps