SEO for Lawyers

What Do You Know About SEO For Lawyers?

lawyersAs an lawyer, you are probably already aware of the growing number of clients finding your practice through online searches. You also have probably talked to colleagues, or done a bit of online research about how to make your website more visible in those searches. This research has most likely provided you with a basic understanding of SEO or search engine optimization.

However, despite implementing those informative tips into your website, the results have not been noticeable. The website is still sitting well down the search engine page, or perhaps even a page or two after the first page, and your SEO for lawyers doesn’t really seem to have given you any results.

As experts on SEO for lawyers, we can assist you in determining just what words have to be used on your websites, and in what locations, to maximize your exposure through the search engine rankings.

In all fairness, what you have done to the website in terms of strategy specific to SEO for lawyers may simply not be comprehensive enough to generate the traffic you expected to see. With a more inclusive approach to search engine optimization and a good understanding of the current and future trends in SEO ranking algorithms, we can help you to drive traffic through organic search results.

In order to help to understand what we can do to boost traffic to your website, let’s take a closer look at two areas that are not used to their full potential on most attorney websites.

SMO and SEO for Lawyers

We know you understand SEO, but do you know that your SMO(Social Media Optimization) can be used to boost your organic search engine ranking? Linking and matching your SEO strategy on your websites, including the use of keywords, to your social media posts can drive traffic to your website.

This needs to be strategically put into play, and it is essential to tailor the keyword use with informative, relevant, and insightful content on your website. Keep in mind SMO can include guest blog posts, posts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as well as on other reputable websites and social media platforms.

What Your Photos and Images Say

lawyersOften an effective way to drive traffic to a website is to make complicated legal matters simple for the layperson to understand. This is an extremely important part of content marketing. It is very effective when combined with infographics, images, and photos to enhance your website’s visual appeal.

It is important to keep in mind that search engine crawlers, those parts of the search engines that “read” the content, cannot read these images. Having effective tags, known as alt tags, to identify the images, infographics, and photos will allow those keywords and that information to be used by search engines, helping to increase your visibility.

There are other essential elements to effective SEO for lawyers. These elements including analyzing what terms customers are using to find your website, targeting specific audiences, and even using geographic information to bring in local traffic.

The more components of SEO that are coordinated and implemented on the site the better the results will be. Contact us today at 212-686-0806 and we will schedule an appointment for our marketing team in NYC to talk to you about your website SEO needs.

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