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Which Social Media Platform Should Your Small Business Use

Which Social Media Platform Should Your Small Business Use?

social mediaFor many small businesses, social media is a hot spot. Most companies recognize the importance and value of connecting with customers through social media websites, also called platforms. However, they often don’t recognize the importance of using more than one site. There’s no doubt that this process can take up a lot of your time. That is why you will likely benefit from working with a professional marketing company that can help you to create and manage your social media sites on an ongoing basis. How do you know which sites you should be on, though?

What Will Benefit Your Business?

It may seem like there are dozens of social media websites out there and new ones growing every day. Which ones should your company be a part of? Here is some help in that area.


social media

• Facebook is one of the largest and most important websites for all types of businesses. It is one of the most versatile platforms. Your business should be here in nearly every case.



social media Twitter is a secondary option. It is best for those who want to send out short messages and inks directly people back to websites or blogs. Keep in mind that Twitter’s audience is versatile with both professionals and consumers on it.



social media• LinkedIn is perhaps the most important option for B2B companies. If you need to network with other companies and professionals this is the place to be. This is also a great place for finding employees for your company.



social media• Instagram is an excellent option for companies that benefit from photos. It is a great place to showcase what you have to offer in photo formats.



social media• Pinterest is a great location for many businesses as well especially if you sell products that can help people to create things whether that is clothing, art supplies, or even home improvement products.


Do you need to be on every one of these social media websites? It is not necessary to do so. However, it is important to create a focused effort at building your following through social media in the platform that is best suited for your company. Doing this helps you to grow your brand’s awareness and gives you an inexpensive but highly effective way of marketing to large numbers of people. With the help of a marketing team, you can create social media ads that get attention.

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