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Case study for search engine optimization for doctors


Dr. S. was our first client. He has been using our service for over one year and has been extremely happy with our service. He has seen exponential growth in internet patient referrals since starting.

He recently reported a record week in which his group saw 32 new patients in five days.

We choose keywords based on revenue generation for the three surgery terms above and the word ‘best’ based on what we found most people were searching for.

Before showing you the amazing optimization results we achieved for this doctor, I will explain how we select the key words. The first thing we do is ask the doctor what procedures or services they would like to do more of. Sometimes it’s for monetary reasons and other times for personal enjoyment out of their job.

The next step is to look at which keywords get the most searches in the search engines. For example “hammertoe surgery” gets 8 times as many searches as ”corn surgery”.

Below is an example of Dr. S.’s amazing results in search engines:

The first is the main page of Google. Notice Dr. S. is the first listing in the organic (non-paid) results, under the paid advertisements. In fact, at this time all of our existing clients are only using us for organic search. We can assist you with paid “pay per click” marketing if you request, but we find the organic results work much better and cost much less. (click any picture to enlarge)

Doctors SEO results pic 1.2_thumb[4]


Sometimes the local results do not come up in the main page of Google. People looking for a local doctor online will not see any addresses for the search results. Many of these people will then click on the maps on the top left of the main page.

doctors seo no local results on main page v1.2 copy_thumb[2]


People will click the maps link to find local search results!


So, you can see our doctor got to the top of the organic Google search where lots of people will find him and make appointments.

You too can be listed at the top of the local search engine results page. We specialize in marketing for doctors and other professionals.

Contact us today for a free demonstration. We also offer a great low risk deal to get you started. ==See offer, click here!==

Summary: Try using these keywords in Google to see it really work:


Search Engine Optimization for Doctors

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Welcome to the doctors’ portal to Best Marketing NYC.

Best Marketing NYC guarantees that we will get your practice listing to the top of Google Local Search.

We specialize in marketing for Doctors and other professionals.

Best Marketing NYC was founded by a real New York City Physician. He wanted to get his practice listed at the top of the Local Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Along with a web developer, he discovered many ways to increase his ranking for keywords related to his medical specialty, Podiatry.

His work was so successful that his he and his partners decided to resell this amazing proprietary service to other doctors and professionals.

As of this writing (4/13/2011), we are happy to report that he has had a record week with 32 new patients!

By unleashing the power of Google, we guarantee that you will also benefit from the increasing use of the internet in Local Search.

We will get your practice to the top of the results page and also teach you how to convert web hits in to patient visits!

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