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Do Reviews Online Boost Website Sales?

reviewsWhat do customer reviews, either on your own website or posted on an online review site, actually do for your online business reputation?

Most business owners tend to see them as a nice extra bonus to help sway an already interested buyer, but this is really just be the tip of the iceberg with regards to their impact.

Today, more and more online shoppers report that they read between one and nine reviews when considering a purchase, and that number tends to be higher with the price of the item or service. And, to add to that information, 90% of those shopping online indicated that the customer reviews had an influence on choosing to buy, or not to buy, a particular product or to do business with a particular company.

The Importance

There used to be a saying that only dissatisfied customers talk about their experiences, but if you read any online review site, you will find this simply isn’t the case. When customers have a positive experience, even if they had a problem that was resolved, they are still likely to provide good feedback and ratings. This shows future customers that you are a company or business that puts customers first.

reviewsOnline reviews on your website, or on other websites, also provide assistance for your website movement up the search engine rankings for organic results (those results not from paid advertisements). This is because when customers use a description of the item they bought, or perhaps use an alternate term, this won’t count against your website with Google with regards to keyword density.

Those secondary or less common keywords that customer’s use in their writing is also seen by the search engines, adding to the search terms that will bring up your site.

Trust and Confidence

Word of mouth is still the best source of referrals and is ranked as the most trustworthy. While online reviews aren’t necessarily by someone known personally, if they are from a verified customer from your local area they are seen as trustworthy by other online buyers.

Facebook is a great source of positive reviews that are coming from local people. When your friend, or a friend of a friend, posts a positive review is has more weight than just a ranking with stars or happy faces completed by a stranger.

Getting Online Reviews

Encouraging customers to post online reviews is always a bit of a challenge.This can be done at the time of the purchase, and then a follow-up email with links to leave feedback is also a good option.

Make sure your website also links to all the external sites where you want customers to post reviews. It is also helpful to have information on how to post reviews printed as part of a sales receipt or invoice, and then follow up with clients with a thank you email when reviews are posted online.

We can help you develop a strategy for boosting your search engine rankings and increasing your website potential with customer reviews. As a top NYC marketing firm we have the experience and expertise you need, email or call us at 212-686-0806 today.

Not getting enough traffic to your beautiful site by Officite, Doctorsites or iHealthspot ?

There are lots of companies that  make beautiful websites for doctors, dentists, physical therapists, and all kinds of medical professionals. I’ve listed the three biggest in my title. logo p04 logo p02 logo p01

These companies make gorgeous professional sites that are somewhat affordable and best of all, with little work required by the doctors. free SEO p05Every business, including medical, needs a website these days in order to be credible. These site that some call “cookie cutter” sites do a great job of creating a credible looking website. The problem is that they just don’t optimize well. These companies know this and some even charge you to do website optimization but they just fail to deliver.

Why doesn’t my website come up in Google?

Why doesn’t my website get more hits?

One of the big variables used by search engines is uniqueness. When one of these large companies build your site they use the same backbone as all their other clients and just make cosmetic changes. You’re site is the same as all their other sites underneath. It’s like trying to find the red Buick when looking from underneath it. It looks the same as all the other colored Buicks, and all the other Chevys, Oldsmobiles, and Cadillacs built on the same chassis.

Uniqueness of websites matters

In order to rank higher than your competitors, you need to have a unique website. I’ll demonstrate with a short example: I built a site for my ‘laser for toenail fungus treatment’. I was at the top of Google for a long time. My business partner started doing ‘laser for fingernail fungus’. I took a shortcut to build his new site for fingernails based on an exact copy of my toenail site. Within a few weeks my toenail site moved off of the first page of Google and the fingernail site was not only on the first page, but the first result on the first page for most keywords.

I had known about the uniqueness factor but didn’t think it would be so drastic. I learned the hard way how important it is. I then built myself a completely new toenail laser website and we are now both on the first page of Google for keywords.

Your site is not unique. This is where Best Marketing NYC comes in to save the day. Unlike most search engine optimization (SEO) companies we do not touch your website. You can keep your beautiful site exactly as it is now. We build you a (free) one page site that we call a landing page. Your landing page looks exactly like your regular site (we call that your ‘static site’). But the landing page only looks like your static site to the viewer. It’s coded completely uniquely like no other page on the internet. We drive hits and people to your landing page. They get some information from there and they anytime they click anywhere, they are the redirected to your static site.

So, if you have a beautiful site from, or and you are just not getting the new business you wanted, you should contact Best Marketing NYC. We will drive people to your site Guaranteed. We are the only SEO that guarantees our work. If you’re not on the first page of Google, you only pay a very small fraction of your rate while we continue to work on it and get it up there. It sometimes takes 3-6 months during which we don’t charge you.

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The Internet has provided the most effective way to advertise products and services. Through SEO practices, businesses are able to gain a much wider client base than was ever possible before. Local search engine optimization takes this marketing potential even further. With local SEO, search engine users are provided with more relevant results and your marketing potential is augmented tremendously.

While we provide all types of SEO, local SEO is our specialty at Best Marketing NYC, Inc. We define local by businesses that have clients actually come into their location.

Get My Business to the Top of Google with Local Search Engine Optimization!

Local SEO involves the techniques used in traditional SEO practices while implementing new advantages that will increase your company’s ranking in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. For instance, local SEO involves business citations that will include your company name, phone number, and address that search engines will distinguish from non-local online businesses. Whenever someone searches for a business in a location using a city, town, zip code , etc. search engines will provide local results first.

You can see in the pictures below the difference in search engine results for a search for “back surgery” vs. “back surgery los angeles”. In the first example, the local results are not displayed. In the second example the local results show up first before the other organic results. (click pictures to enlarge)


It is important that your keywords are targeted to those looking for your services or products. Search engines main purpose is to strive to provide their customers with the most desired results possible. Internet search engines are designed to increase search engine ranking when the results provide the most relevant information. The more relevant information in the form of keywords, phrases, photos, business location pictures, and videos you input, the higher your search engine ranking will become. This is true for all searches including local searches.

We work with our clients to provide the best use of keywords and key phrases as well as making your business stand out in local searches.

There are a number of other factors that will boost your company’s online visibility through local search engine optimization. To save time and to get the most effective marketing results, many business owners opt to hire professional SEO specialists. We are experts in this field and guarantee you a top spot in search engine results or you don’t pay!

There is Less Competition with Local Search Engine Optimization

With local SEO marketing, you will have less online competitors. People in your region will find your companies first before having to sift through a variety of similar businesses. You can further decrease your competition by making sure that your SEO practices are more streamlined and consistent than those of your competitors. We assure you that we will achieve this.

We will maximize your visibility on the Internet by closely tracking real-time search results (analytics). We will then know the most effective ways to adjust keywords and phrases in order to increase your online presence. Over time, your local SEO marketing will become more effective as we track what is producing results and what isn’t, and then adjust accordingly. Eventually, you will be able to increase to the top ranks in major search engines, usually pretty quickly. As a result, your profit potential will increase dramatically.

With hyper-targeted Internet traffic, your company will be in line with the most advanced marketing practices. Localization has become a primary marketing component used in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Local SEO will significantly affect search results. For instance, if a person is in Manhattan searching for an Italian restaurant, their results will lead them to local Manhattan-based Italian restaurants. To create such targeted searches, it is imperative to create appropriate content and link connectivity. This is our expertise.

Local SEO is effective marketing for any business that clients come to their location. You will effectively beat out your competition by being at the top of the local search results, attracting clients to your location based on regions people search. Localization content strategy will help you to highlight your business on a micro level, city level or state level. As a result, your website will gain exposure among clients who are specifically seeking the services or products you offer.

Please email or call us at 212-686-0806 today to arrange for a free live remote demonstration of how our local search engine optimization works amazingly well for our many existing clients.

SEO for Dentists, Helping Clients to Find You.

Our SEO for dentists product works very well.

Below is just one example of how we optimize your dental practice.

You can see in the below pictures how we name and describe each and every page of your site to assist search engines and potential patients to find you.

We are able to create the title and the description that show up in the search engine prior to users clicking on you.

In the below pictures you can see clearly how the search engine named our page exactly what we wanted and how the description shows up exactly as we want it with our key words. (click pictures to enlarge)

the below picture shows how we filled in the data in our software:


The below picture shows how the search engine shows our results:


Contact us today to start internet marketing for your dental practice. We can give you an online virtual demonstration of how well our product works.

Best Marketing NYC


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Case study for search engine optimization for doctors


Dr. S. was our first client. He has been using our service for over one year and has been extremely happy with our service. He has seen exponential growth in internet patient referrals since starting.

He recently reported a record week in which his group saw 32 new patients in five days.

We choose keywords based on revenue generation for the three surgery terms above and the word ‘best’ based on what we found most people were searching for.

Before showing you the amazing optimization results we achieved for this doctor, I will explain how we select the key words. The first thing we do is ask the doctor what procedures or services they would like to do more of. Sometimes it’s for monetary reasons and other times for personal enjoyment out of their job.

The next step is to look at which keywords get the most searches in the search engines. For example “hammertoe surgery” gets 8 times as many searches as ”corn surgery”.

Below is an example of Dr. S.’s amazing results in search engines:

The first is the main page of Google. Notice Dr. S. is the first listing in the organic (non-paid) results, under the paid advertisements. In fact, at this time all of our existing clients are only using us for organic search. We can assist you with paid “pay per click” marketing if you request, but we find the organic results work much better and cost much less. (click any picture to enlarge)

Doctors SEO results pic 1.2_thumb[4]


Sometimes the local results do not come up in the main page of Google. People looking for a local doctor online will not see any addresses for the search results. Many of these people will then click on the maps on the top left of the main page.

doctors seo no local results on main page v1.2 copy_thumb[2]


People will click the maps link to find local search results!


So, you can see our doctor got to the top of the organic Google search where lots of people will find him and make appointments.

You too can be listed at the top of the local search engine results page. We specialize in marketing for doctors and other professionals.

Contact us today for a free demonstration. We also offer a great low risk deal to get you started. ==See offer, click here!==

Summary: Try using these keywords in Google to see it really work:


Search Engine Optimization for Doctors

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Welcome to the doctors’ portal to Best Marketing NYC.

Best Marketing NYC guarantees that we will get your practice listing to the top of Google Local Search.

We specialize in marketing for Doctors and other professionals.

Best Marketing NYC was founded by a real New York City Physician. He wanted to get his practice listed at the top of the Local Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Along with a web developer, he discovered many ways to increase his ranking for keywords related to his medical specialty, Podiatry.

His work was so successful that his he and his partners decided to resell this amazing proprietary service to other doctors and professionals.

As of this writing (4/13/2011), we are happy to report that he has had a record week with 32 new patients!

By unleashing the power of Google, we guarantee that you will also benefit from the increasing use of the internet in Local Search.

We will get your practice to the top of the results page and also teach you how to convert web hits in to patient visits!

  • We guarantee your return on investment.
  • We guarantee your satisfaction.
  • We give you the first two months for free with only the obligation to pay for your third month of service.
  • After your free two months and one paid month, there are no contracts or commitments.
  • You can quit at any time without penalty, but we are sure you will want to stay on as a long term client.

With a satisfaction guarantee and low barrier to entry (one paid month for three months of service) there is no reason not to try our service today.