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Importance Of Social Media Marketing For Local Business

As a local business of any size, getting your name out there is always a priority in continuing to grow your market share. Unfortunately, many small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs fail to tap into the power of social media marketing for their local business. It isn’t hard to understand why this can happen. One of… Continue Reading

Do Reviews Online Boost Website Sales?

What do customer reviews, either on your own website or posted on an online review site, actually do for your online business reputation? Most business owners tend to see them as a nice extra bonus to help sway an already interested buyer, but this is really just be the tip of the iceberg with regards… Continue Reading

Beyond Google With Bing And Yahoo

As a business owner, you already know the importance of keeping your options open and marketing to the widest possible customer base possible. Today, many SEO companies and consultants stress the importance of optimizing a business website for Google while failing to talk about the importance of Bing and Yahoo. The Reality of Google There… Continue Reading

Are Reviews Of Importance For A Local Business?

Have you noticed how many online retailers, e-commerce sites, and even service oriented business are highlighting online reviews, even for their local businesses? You have probably been asked to provide a review in a follow-up email or even at the time of your online purchase. If this seems to be more common now than a… Continue Reading

The Importance Of A Mobile Website

Regardless of the type of products or services you offer, having a mobile friendly website is now a primary focus for any business. It is important not just for convenience for a few online shoppers, but because about 47% of all searches online are now completed from tablets or smartphones, and not from desktops. By… Continue Reading

4 Basic Strategies And Effective Email Marketing General Info

Email marketing campaigns are a highly effective way to provide information directly to interested consumers. With the different options in maintaining separate lists and databases of customers based on any number of factors and criteria this is a rich source of repeat as well as new business. We like to work closely with our clients,… Continue Reading

SEO for Lawyers

What Do You Know About SEO For Lawyers? As an lawyer, you are probably already aware of the growing number of clients finding your practice through online searches. You also have probably talked to colleagues, or done a bit of online research about how to make your website more visible in those searches. This research… Continue Reading