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SEO in New York City | What is the Bounce Rate?

what-bounce-rate-seo-analytics-google-top-nyc-agency-marketing-consultant-01What is the Bounce Rate I see in my website analytics? We live in a world of instant gratification. People know what they want, and they want it now. So, when you’re creating a website, you need to take that into consideration. If your site doesn’t offer a reader the value they’re looking for, what do you expect? For them to click away. Over time, this will affect how your website shows up in internet searches in New York City.

What is the Bounce Rate?

Sometimes, an online user will click on a page and leave before they’ve explored the content on it. This typically happens in a matter of seconds. And they tend to leave because they haven’t found what they’re looking for in those first, impressionable moments. When they leave so abruptly, it negatively impacts your bounce rate. Your website’s bounce rate is the percentage of people who left a page before having any further interaction with it.

How Does the Bounce Rate Affect SEO?

bounce-rate-infographic-best-marketing-nyc-02Online authority is a big deal with it comes to search engine optimization. You want people to find your site, click on it, and stay on it. You want them to browse and consume the information you have to offer.

When people are clicking away from your site so quickly, it tells search engines that something’s not quite right. There is a cause for concern that a website is not doing what it should be when people aren’t willing to stay on it. This lessens your authority as an industry expert and tells crawlers that your site isn’t relevant enough to rank higher in search results.

What is a Good Bounce Rate?

The lower your bounce rate, the better. Each site is going to be different. But, if you have a low bounce rate, it means that people are actually staying on your site and consuming your content.

How Can I Improve My Site’s Bounce Rate?

website-analytics-what-bounce-rate-general-information-03In order to improve your site’s bounce rate, you need to offers your visitors something more. Make sure that your site is designed nicely and functions properly. That’ll help the user-experience exponentially. Plus, you can’t just throw any sort of content on your site. Make sure you’re providing readers with value and entertainment to keep them around longer.

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NYC Internet Marketing | Does SEO Work for Small Business?

small-business-internet-marketing-consultant-expert-nyc-01On the World Wide Web live a lot of myths. An internet marketing tall tale is that search engine optimization doesn’t work for small businesses. But, in all honesty, search engine optimization can do wonders for your local, mom and pop shops that are looking to make it big! So, if you’re concerned about your future with NYC internet marketing, here are some proven claims that SEO works for small business:

It’s Cost-Effective

When you’re working with internet marketing, you really have a lot of control over what you’re spending. In fact, inbound leads can be more than 60% less expensive than outbound marketing leads. You’re also able to control all budget aspects of your campaigns as you learn more about your market. With time as your largest investment, this makes SEO worth the money.

The ROI is Great

high-roi-return-on-investment-online-marketing-costs-info-nyc-2You may think that you have to spend in order to earn. But, with a cost-effective SEO strategy, you can have an amazing return-on-investment. First of all, great SEO impacts so many aspects of your business, including reputation and credibility. Those two alone can earn the trust of new customers and bring back repeat customers. So, consider how much a lead is worth to you, do the math from there, and make sure that your SEO strategy makes sense for your business.

It Improves Customer Experience

In order to create an SEO-friendly presence, you need to structure your online content in a fashion that’s search engine algorithm-friendly. That means your website is going to be easy-to-navigate and your written content will be structured for the easiest read. Overall, this’ll improve the entire customer experience. Once again, it’ll encourage potential, new customers to stick around and bring back repeat customers.

There are Long-term Results

does-small-business-online-marketing-increase-sales-leads-patients-revenue-03We’re only in the very early stages of SEO. So, as the internet continues to evolve, you’ll continue to reap the benefits and see long-term results. Just think, as you read this, millions of people are using their phones to search. This is a trend that search engines and marketers are picking up on in real time. After your SEO strategy is up and running, so begins the organic cycle of user interaction and the strengthening of your online presence.

Is Your Business in Need of NYC Internet Marketing?

NYC internet marketing can benefit any business, regardless of its size! So, if you’re ready to begin your journey to building an online presence, contact us today for a free SEO consultation.